Submit Your Recipe to 7Daysmeal and Get Paid

7Daysmeal is a platform built by a community of people who love cooking and sharing their food. We invite you to share the results of your homemade food.

Cooking is like an adventure, and we want 7Daysmeal to be a place where you discover something new to cook and share the results with the world.

We are particularly interested in traditional or local foods, something that few Kenyans cook or food that is a favorite in your village or community.

Submitting a recipe, for example, on how to cook Ugali is not what we want because many people already know how to cook Ugali and chances are we have published such a recipe.

We accept unique meals for adults, toddlers, and even snacks. It is important to emphasize that this must be something that you have personally prepared.

Once your recipe has been reviewed and published, you will earn Ksh. 100 paid via Mpesa only.

Requirements of Submitting Your Recipe

1. Photo

Your recipe must contain a photo of the food you cooked or prepared. No uploading photos downloaded from the internet or AI-generated images. Below are additional photo requirements;

2. Title

This is the name of the food, for example, “Sukuma Wiki.”

3. Description

Describe your food in one paragraph. Here is an example of a food description.

4. Ingredients

Provide a list of ingredients used to prepare the food. Example of Githeri ingredients.

5. Preparation Procedure

Explain how the food is prepared. This should be a list of steps for cooking the food.

5. Your name

Your real names. This will be used on the recipe page.

6. Phone Number

This is the number that will be used to issue payment. Therefore, make sure that it is registered with Mpesa.

7. Payment

You will be paid once your recipe is approved and published. Use our Search Form or latest recipes pages to find out whether your recipe has been published. If you do not hear from us, then kindly be aware that your recipe was not approved.

How to Submit Recipe

To submit your recipe, visit the submission form page and fill in the required details.