Best Rice Brands in Kenya (Quality Considered)

The taste of cooked rice depends on the quality of the raw rice you use. Here’s a list of the best rice brands in Kenya that make yummy rice for your family. We have arranged them based on quality and popularity.

1. Sunrice (Orange Package)

Sunrice Basmati Rice

Sunrice Basmati (Orange Package) is the most loved rice brand in Kenya. It has a good aroma and long, fluffy grains. Sunrice Basmati Rice is ideal for pilaus and biryani. You can get 5 kg of Sunrice for Ksh. 1817 at Carrefour supermarket.

1. Fatma (Super Kernel Basmati Rice)

Fatma (Super Kernel Basmati Rice)

Fatma Super Kernel Basmati Rice comes with a unique aroma and is known to be among the best long-grain rice. You can find it for Ksh 1,150/- for a 5kg bag. It’s available in almost all supermarkets in the coastal area. For those who reside in Nairobi and are interested in Fatma rice, most of the suppliers in Mombasa do offer countywide delivery.

2. Pearl Basmati

Pearl Basmati rice

Pearl Basmati is a premium extra-long grain rice. A 5kg bag of Pearl Super Basmati Rice costs Ksh. 1220.

3. CIL Pure Mwea Pishori Rice

CIL Pure Mwea Pishori Rice

CIL rice comes in four different types: CIL Pure Mwea Pishori, CIL Sindano Fragrant Rice, CIL Brown Rice, and CIL Semi-Polished Pishori. The most popular one is CIL Pure Mwea Pishori, which costs KES 297.00 per KG. You can find it at Carrefour supermarket or any other supermarket in your county.

4. Daawat Rice (with Blue Package)

Daawat Basmati rice

Daawat Basmati, also known as Traditional Basmati Rice, gives a perfect taste and aroma to your meals. Daawat Basmati Rice 5Kg is priced at 1539. You can find it in local shops and supermarkets.

5. Falcon Biryani

Falcon Biryani

Falcon Biryani long-grain milled rice is great for cooking biryani. It’s a bit hard to find in local shops, so check if a wholesale store has it in stock. Falcon Biryani 25kg costs between Ksh 2500 to Ksh 3600, depending on the supplier.

For a procedure on how to cook rice, check our rice recipes.