Maziwa Mala

Maziwa Mala


Maziwa Mala, or Sour Milk, is a favorite family dish in Kenya. You can find it in nearby stores or make it at home by mixing fermented milk with boiled fresh milk. People in the Kisii region call the traditional sour milk "Maruranu", while the Kalenjin ethnic groups refer to it as "Mursik." Maziwa Mala is often enjoyed with Ugali as a dinner meal.


  • Sour milk

Preparation Procedure

  1. You can buy ready-made sour milk from local stores. Some of the best brands include KCC, Brookside, Fresha, and Ilara.

Where to buy ingredients

Supermarkets, Shops

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Recipe by Winnie | Last updated on December 19, 2023

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